What, no screenshots?

Surely keyboards had a Print Screen button in 1991:

A search to recover the very first web page has unearthed a relic from 1991.

The page turned up after Cern launched a public appeal for files, hardware and software from the web’s earliest days.

The original page is missing because the web’s creators did not preserve the early work they did on what has become a historic document.

Unfortunately, other potential finds from the same era on that old computer remain hidden because the password for it has been forgotten.

…Yes, I’m being obnoxious.  I remember when replacing your mouse was a twenty minute exercise in drivers-related frustration; in 1991 I would have looked at you like you were some sort of computer-illiterate lunatic if you had said Just take a screenshot, dude.


I think.  Back then only the King Geeks at college were using Windows 3.0.  I was an Alpha Geek even then, but not a King.

Via AoSHQ.

3 thoughts on “What, no screenshots?”

  1. I was thinking the 1991 date seemed late, since I remember connecting to Bulletin Board Services around 1986 or 1987, but then I remembered you had to connect to those using telephone numbers rather than web addresses, so I suppose those don’t count.

  2. What, someone hasn’t found a mirror of rootshell.com to find a security hole to break into it? Operating systems were not terribly secure back then; 1991 is just two years removed from the Great Worm whose only method of propagation was via sendmail holes on Vaxen and Suns only.

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