Have been chewing through The Tome of Bill series.

Short version: The Tome of Bill (by tome of bill, Rick Gualtieri) is about this nerd who becomes a vampire, stays a nerd, can’t keep his fool mouth shut, gets a bunch of Mary Sue-type special abilities, and needs every single damn one of them just to stay alive because he REALLY doesn’t know how to keep his fool mouth shut.  The Kindle versions are going for four bucks apiece and they’re well worth the price; the language is unfortunate (says he, piously), but the plot is pretty good, the characters entertaining, and the tone is actually pretty light.  I’d try the first one, at least.

One thought on “Have been chewing through The Tome of Bill series.”

  1. I agree, it’s a good series. The first book was a bit rough for me (language as well) but there was something about it that kind of hinted that there was a good story arc to come. Sure enough, I just finished the latest book and am enjoying the series quite a bit. Looking forward to the next book…

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