NJ state senator (Brian Stack, Democrat) to endorse Chris Christie tomorrow.


State. Sen. Brian Stack and his Assembly runningmates are set to endorse Gov. Chris Christie tomorrow according to a source familiar with the decision.

Stack, a Democrat who is also mayor of Union City, has long been a reliable vote for the governor over the past four years, but many politicos questioned whether he would throw an active endorsement to Christie.

Stack is running alongside Assembly candidates Raj Mukherji and Carmelo Garcia, who will also give their endorsement to Christie, according to the source.

Via Nathan Wurtzel, who later noted that this pretty much tells you that, yeah, the October election thing is usefully worrying NJ state Democrats.


5 thoughts on “NJ state senator (Brian Stack, Democrat) to endorse Chris Christie tomorrow.”

  1. I like the endorsement, but the insult at the end of the tweet wasn’t necessary. Plus the Big Man has been working on the weight thing already 🙂

  2. A democrat endorsing a RINO. Not sure this means much to me. Who is running against Christie anyway?

    1. No one of consequence – they all ran like scalded dawgs. I understand the Christie dislike but I don’t think he should be dismissed as a RINO. Social moderate certainly but he reduced taxes, reduced the state’s debts and reduced the state’s pension burden. He did that with the members of communist party that form the politburos otherwise known as the NJ legislature and NJ supreme court. He is definitely more moderate when it comes to social issues but his governance in NJ is at least as conservative in principle as the current Governor of Tennessee.

      1. Caveat. The NJ Dems have not dried up and blown away, unlike the LA Dems… Christie is doing the work of the valkaryie, cutting away the deadwood and rot – and that’s a net good – but once he’s done Jersey will go right back to the Dem hands.
        Had the big guy made some cultural inroads, turning the State more purple long-term, I would cut him some additional slack. As it is, he’s a tool of the party he opposes.
        Just how I see it.

        1. That’s as sure a bet as Bob Menendez stiffing one of his hookers.

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