Time for some band suggestions.

So, seeing as I’m apparently getting sucked into buying The Fratellis en masse; now is as good a time as any to offer suggestions for good, current bands.  I’m looking for stuff that’s… merry, I guess.  Merry, but with some musical chops behind it. No whiners, no sob stories, no angry blind petulance at the world.

Or something.

13 thoughts on “Time for some band suggestions.”

  1. Robert Randolph and the Family Band are pretty good, if you like blues funk and steel guitar.

  2. How about some Bela Fleck (one of the dudes that helped Steve Martin with his bluegrass record)? He takes banjos to strange new places (classical music, jazz).

    Joe Satriani was someone I discovered on the Pandora. Crazy technical rock guitar playin’.

    And you can always grab some video game soundtrack cover bands (Minibosses, The Advantage, the Black Mages (featuring the head sound design guy from Final Fantasy)).

  3. Maybe not suggestions for band music, but I’m stuck on Hans Zimmer soundtracks. Can’t wait for Man of Steel coming out and the Batman soundtracks were all spectacular. I usually find any new music selections from soundtracks. There are generally some interesting choices to be found there.

  4. The Piano Guys are great for the classical with a modern twist and for modern with a Classical twist.
    The Cure and Depeche Mode are great fall backs.
    I keep getting sucked back into Muse and the Foo Fighters as well as M83.
    And finally there is the venerable Weird Al Yankovich.

  5. You should try foreign language metal bands, like Arkona. This song is about the glory of death. Some Russian Pagans have crashed on rocks far from the shore and they know they won’t make it to morning (since they will freeze before too long), praising Rod while waiting death’s cold embrace.

  6. If you’re not familiar with They Might Be Giants, I’d suggest giving them a try. Albumwise, Flood is probably their best album. They’re not exactly new (Flood was released in 1990) but last I checked they’re still making new stuff.

  7. There is more to Celtic music that bar songs. I prefer the music of the Celtic revival that occurred in the last quarter of the 20th Century.

    I really link early Altan, Capercaillie,
    Déanta, Relativity, et al. These used many of the same instruments used in Blue Grass but played slightly differently.

    There is nothing I enjoy as much as a clear voiced woman singing Gaelic.

    If you need a little more kick ass in your music, Wolfstone is backed by Highland pipes.

    1. Here are some examples – most of the whining tends to be about Bonnie Prince Charlie:

      Altan ~ Dónal Agus Mórag The New Rigged Ship

      Connie Dover Fear an Bhata

      Capercaillie – Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda

      Old Hag You Have Killed Me – The Bothy Band

      Silly Wizard – “Wha’ll be King but Cherlie?”

  8. I’d recommend Brooke Fraser…not a band but incredible vocal talent.

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