Chuck Schumer lectures Mike Bloomberg on gun control message.

Alternative title: Chuck Schumer auditions for Senate Minority Leader.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticized New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his gun control ads, labeling them ineffective.

“Frankly, I don’t think Bloomberg’s ads are effective,” Schumer told TIME Magazine in a report posted Thursday. “The Mayor of New York City putting ads against people in red states is not going to be effective.

Basically, it goes down like this: when the Senate flips next year, the odds that Harry Reid will be the new Minority Leader will be between ‘slim’ and ‘none.’ Reid will be 76 in 2015 and staring a brutal re-election battle in 2016; combine those three factors, and a retirement becomes the obvious option.  But somebody’s gotta be Senate Minority Leader, and Chuck Schumer definitely wants it to be him.  Hence… this.  It will not hurt Schumer in his own state, and when gun-grabber groups crash and burn next electoral cycle the Senator from NY will sound like the smartest guy in the Democratic caucus*.

Mind you, I don’t know whether Schumer wants to be Senate Majority Leader, some day.  My opinion of the man is fundamentally tempered by the fact that I think that he’s a smarmy suckweasel.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

*Yeah, I know: not very hard to manage that trick.  Still.

4 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer lectures Mike Bloomberg on gun control message.”

  1. He might have to get past Dick Durbin ( the Senate Majority Whip) first. Frankly I don’t know which would be worse to have. Pataki should have run against Shumer back in 2010. The fact that D’Amato’s seat is occupied by this snake is a blatant insult to the Republican Party, year in and year out.

  2. re: “Shumer…[is a] snake….” midwestconservative

    Shumer is alleged to be the smartest person in the Senate. He had PERFECT SATs, graduated from Harvard and Harvard Law, has never lost a political race and is a genius at raising political donations. Smart money bets on Shumer. He will most likely destroy the Republicans as a national party with his immigration bill as the white proportion of the USA will decrease to less than 30% of the Nation by 2060 from 90% white in 1960 in the wake of the immigration policies implemented by Lyndon Johnson’s “invite the world except whites,” Ronald Reagan’s “Amnesty 1,” and now the Shumer “Amnesty 2 reforms.”

    Shumer is the éminence grise of the Democrat destruction of the USA as a White Republic. He is assuring that the USA will be the North American Brazil, a third world tribalised hell hole of Democrat party controlled welfare class/lower class prols, virtually no middle class, and a small politically connected upper class of Democrat managers and the filthy rich politically connected who manage the technocrats who run things. Don’t think things will run well but they will run as a NEW FEUDALISM emerges thanks to Shumer and the stupidly of the Republicans.

    Dan Kurt

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