So, I need a beard trimmer.

My barber* and I agree: the somewhat, ah, disheveled one I had that he had to work with – or more accurately, on – last weekend could use more regular attention than would be permitted by my regular haircut schedule.  Alas, he keeps his a lot shorter than I do, so no real help there: suggestions? For various reasons involving cash flow, I need something that’s on Amazon, and not insanely expensive.

Moe Lane

*Turns out my old barbershop didn’t close; the guy just didn’t feel like coming in at 10 AM. Hard to argue with him on it, given that the strip mall is dead at that time of the morning.

3 thoughts on “So, I need a beard trimmer.”

  1. Dropped a couple of duckets for beard trimmer fund if you want to start a pledge drive. If you don’t want to use it for that, there’s always funions or beer. 🙂

  2. I’ve got a Norelco G370 that I’m pretty happy with. Came with a bunch of attachments that I mostly don’t use, but it does the job, it didn’t break my bank, and it’s lasted a while now (don’t remember how long ago I bought it, but at least a couple, 3 years ago, anyway)

  3. Get one that has a vacuum on it. Makes the wife happy not to see all the hairs around the sink/counter… I have a Norelco cordless, but I don’t know the model number, it’s been good for several years now.

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