Yeah, I’ve been noticing this about Windows 8.

The lack of a Start Button on my new computer. It’s not exactly heartening to hear that Windows 8.1 will just show me the Hawaiian Good-Luck Symbol

Moe Lane

PS: Incidentally, when I showed the above link to my wife she laughed and told me that we had become Those People. You know, people who want things to stay the way that they were originally, dammit, because you knew where everything was and it worked perfectly fine.

…Well, maybe it’s not THAT bad yet, but I can see it from here.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, I’ve been noticing this about Windows 8.”

  1. Maybe one day Windows will just let you install your own window manager? One can but dream…

  2. This is where I’m very glad I’ve never owned a computer that ran Windows. Used them? Sure, for work when I’m saddled with one. But at home, I went from a PC clone running DOS to a NeXT running NeXTstep to two different desktops running FreeBSD to a netbook running Ubuntu to a laptop running Ubuntu. I’d rather have a laptop running FreeBSD but last I checked FreeBSD’s laptop support wasn’t what it should be yet. Once it is I’ll be back to FreeBSD. Oh, and my firewall ran OpenBSD until I ended up with hardware that OpenBSD didn’t support but FreeBSD did so my firewall runs FreeBSD for the time being.
    My preference for window managers, on FreeBSD? tvtwm. I had virtual desktops in the early 1990s, bitches. (-:

  3. I can see personal injury lawyers developing a class action lawsuit against MS Win 8 claiming the repetitive reaching across your desk to touch the screen causes rotator cup injuries.

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