7 thoughts on ““Roar!””

  1. I was unsatisfied with the ending. Lacked closure. I expect that from an art piece, not a monster movie.

    1. Agreed.
      The monster was also nigh invincible. Everything thrown at it seems to have little to no effect. I thought that was dumb.
      Also, still waiting for TehAwesome Sequel (which sounds to me like just the very same movie with a different group).

      1. Daikaiju are nigh invincible. It’s kind of the point of the trope. They are the apocalypse made flesh, a force of nature that crushes humanity beneath it’s mighty feet.
        In the genre, there are two possible ways to defeat one. Lure another daikaiju into the fight (which obviously has drawbacks), or use a scientific super-weapon akin to the one which created the daikaiju in the first place (not mutually-exclusive with the first option).
        Anything powerful enough to stop the Apocalypse is also powerful enough to start one. There’s a very bleak undercurrent to these types of movies, revolving around the hubris of man.

        1. If it isn’t a Lovecraftian Horror, then it should be mortal. A Daikaiju should at least be hurt or injured (or chased off) after taking the beating Cloverfield took, in my opinion. I refused to believe that Cloverfield spent all night in New York City, taking that beating, and not have any injuries on him.

          1. They’re a Lovecraftian Horror that doesn’t overtly destroy your faith in how the universe works.
            Evidence that Godzilla is mortal is awfully thin on the ground.

    2. I kind of see Cloverfield as an art piece. There’s an entirely different movie going on in the background, and it was still going on when the credits to this one were rolling.

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