Harry Reid will be 77 in 2016.

There was some speculation back in 2010 that this would be his last term. It may simply be that Reid has no plans to be in a Senate where both it and the Presidency are in the hands of the opposition party. Which means that Harry Reid has no real reason not to screw over his colleagues:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s threat to change filibuster rules is supposed to narrowly focus on presidential nominees to the executive branch.

But his potential move to invoke the “nuclear option” is raising a bigger and more sweeping question that could have huge consequences for future presidents of both parties: Is this the beginning of the end of the filibuster? If the filibuster goes, the Senate would lose a crucial check on majority rights — and it could start looking very much like the House, where the majority always gets its way.

And it will screw over his colleagues. Because I have a list, and so does every conservative activist, organizer, gadfly, and partisan hack that I know. It’s a list of stuff that we want, but can’t realistically expect to get to sixty on.


  • Finrod says:

    Everything from drilling in ANWR to the FairTax could be on that list.

  • midwestconservative says:

    Honestly though the GOP should pursue over the next three election cycles a plan to put a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. ESPECIALLY if one of our more firebombing senators become the next President aka Ted Cruz ( the Dems will filibuster everything so much the last three congress’s will look like excellent exercises in bipartisanship in comparison).

  • midwestconservative says:

    If Reid doesn’t retire in 2016 the only person I could see beating him is Brian Sandoval ( but he’ll be in the middle of his 2nd term, though term limited)

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