Tweet of the Day, I May Or May Not Have Bought A Bag Of Something Like This Once edition.

I can never decide: is this the culmination of Western Civilization, or its doom?


I mean, eighty years ago steak-flavored potato chips would be The Food of Tomorrow!  A shining symbol of Progress and SCIENCE!  Now they’re more looking like the Platonic Ideal of The Guilty Pleasure.

Moe Lane

PS: This was the closest that Amazon had online:

A bit expensive, that.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I May Or May Not Have Bought A Bag Of Something Like This Once edition.”

  1. It was a bag of something I may or may not have bought that made me want to buy a bad of chips like that.

  2. Bought some sea salt and APPLE cider vinegar chips the other day. From England.
    They were… meh.

  3. The last couple of times I went to Europe I noticed that grilled meat flavored chips were fairly common. Probably the best of the lot was the grilled bacon flavored Lays Potato Chips.

    1. Grilled bacon?
      Gonna have to look for that next time I’m at Jungle Jim’s.

  4. I’ve had them. They are okay. Like any food that attempts to give you meat flavor without actual meat, they miss that certain something. I would not recommend going out of your way to find or buy them.

  5. Potato stix are the height of western civilization they beat everything but then that could just be my taste buds talking.

  6. Bah.
    Western Civilization has been in decline ever since we stopped frying french fries in beef tallow.
    This is just a pale imitation of what we’ve already lost.

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