Tweet of the Day, I May Or May Not Have Bought A Bag Of Something Like This Once edition.

I can never decide: is this the culmination of Western Civilization, or its doom?


I mean, eighty years ago steak-flavored potato chips would be The Food of Tomorrow!  A shining symbol of Progress and SCIENCE!  Now they’re more looking like the Platonic Ideal of The Guilty Pleasure.

Moe Lane

PS: This was the closest that Amazon had online:

A bit expensive, that.


  • Phil Smith says:

    It was a bag of something I may or may not have bought that made me want to buy a bad of chips like that.

  • Crawford says:

    Bought some sea salt and APPLE cider vinegar chips the other day. From England.
    They were… meh.

  • Skip says:

    The last couple of times I went to Europe I noticed that grilled meat flavored chips were fairly common. Probably the best of the lot was the grilled bacon flavored Lays Potato Chips.

  • simpson316 says:

    I’ve had them. They are okay. Like any food that attempts to give you meat flavor without actual meat, they miss that certain something. I would not recommend going out of your way to find or buy them.

  • Catseyes says:

    Potato stix are the height of western civilization they beat everything but then that could just be my taste buds talking.

  • Luke says:

    Western Civilization has been in decline ever since we stopped frying french fries in beef tallow.
    This is just a pale imitation of what we’ve already lost.

  • zamoose says:

    Target’s buffalo wing chips are pretty good.

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