Let me sum up this WaPo article on “Where are the Green jobs?”

Actually, no, I don’t have to: this paragraph does most of it for me.

Not too long ago, we heard a lot about “green jobs”: The win-win equation for boosting employment while retrofitting America’s buildings, energy systems, and transportation infrastructure for a cleaner future. In 2009, the federal stimulus act poured $595 million into green jobs programs, most of which went towards equipping people with the skills to particulate in the new green economy. Four years later, it’s still not clear what all the cash for green jobs achieved–and a Government Accountability Office report issued last week illustrates the difficulty of trying to foster an emerging industry by pumping money into it.

All that’s missing is this common-sense observation: possibly there’s a reason why nobody’s done it that way, before? – Because, believe it or not, there are people out there who seem to think that the only reason why we don’t have abundant, clean, cheap, non-nuclear energy is because of… the Bavarian Illuminati, I guess. Or that corporate executives apparently have access to their own water, air, food, and planet to live on.  :rolls eyes: I should be grateful: at least nobody’s blaming the green jobs failure on the Jews.



Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “Let me sum up this WaPo article on “Where are the Green jobs?””

  1. Anti-Semitism these days is more subtle than the Ron Paul newsletters. I believe blaming it on “corporate executives” is code for “JOOOOS”

  2. Remember about 10 years ago when California borrowed billions to bring about the Embryonic Stem Cell Nirvana? So far they have a steady stream of interest payments to show for it.

    Government can fund research but it can’t force a technology to mature before its time.

  3. I think the tech is here to do green energy but everyone deludes them selves into thinking it will replace power plants rather than supplement them. Put together a small windmill kit that can be sold and assembled for less than $200. The windmill will produce a trickle charge of electricity. If you can get it to pay for itself after 10 years or less you very probably have something. But everyone wants to do things to industrial scale and they invariably cannot pay for the initial cost with the energy produced in a timely manner and so go bellyup. Of course the Federal Government running around and throwing money at everything doesn’t help. Kill the giant projects learn to do it small scale first and see what happens. Make it pay for itself first.

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