I dunno about this “Quitting smoking is ULTIMATE WILLPOWER” thing.

Don’t get me wrong: I understand the concept.  But still… I mean, I quit smoking, and I’m as lazy as [expletive deleted].

6 thoughts on “I dunno about this “Quitting smoking is ULTIMATE WILLPOWER” thing.”

  1. Quitting smoking takes willpower, sure. But ultimate willpower? Quitting *heroin* takes ultimate willpower.

    1. My former wife is a psychotherapist…she had a client who said that, for him, quitting heroin was easier than quitting smoking…

  2. I quit last August cold turkey for three months, but started back again.

    I’ve tried the gum and patches, but had serious side effects.

    1. Well, I found dumping a fairly hairy crystal meth habit to be a piece of cake compared to quitting smoking. I did manage both, however.

  3. I quit once for 10 years hit 40 and started again. The thing is if you really want to quit after the first 3 days it’s not that hard. But if your Meh on quitting it’s impossible. The hard part is coming to the conclusion that you want to quit.

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