So I guess @toure is *actually* arguing that George Zimmerman is Indio…

and thus not entitled to the same consideration that a good liberal should provide to European or Mestizo Hispanics. Hey, don’t look at me: I’m not the one making the dang distinction.

Toure, a liberal MSNBC analyst, argued today that George Zimmerman is Peruvian-American, not actually Hispanic, and that Republicans “are in their mansions because they don’t care” about the black community or black-on-black crime.

Toure explained that Republicans are “talking about black-on-black crime to block the conversation around a Peruvian-American, not a Hispanic, a Peruvian-American shooting a black man.”

Bolding mine.  This event is not unique, of course: it happens in every society that’s heavily stratified on racial lines.  You have one social class, which has a particular perceived racial makeup; and you have another social class, which is of a another particular perceived (and also perceived as being inferior) racial makeup; and in-between you have a social class that acts as a go-between for the first two.  Some members of the third class share the genetics of the primary two ‘races’; others are technically of the ‘inferior’ race, but have been elevated to keep them out of trouble.  No matter why they’re there, members of this third class are inevitably the most hard-nosed about racial differences: to the twin points of creating numerous sub-categories of race, and absurdity.  This, of course, is to protect both the master class’s social standing, and their own.  We saw this behavior in the plantation-era American South; we particularly saw it in Creoles of New Orleans; and we certainly saw this everywhere that used to be called “New Spain.”  And now we’re seeing it in the field of rabid progressive punditry!

Imagine my shock.

Moe Lane

(Via Hot Air Headlines, I think)

PS: I’m the wrong person to ask about how to resolve the problem.  I’m a Republican: our basic reaction to seeing this kind of oppression has been, historically, to take the biggest stick we can find and start beating the oppressors with it until they stop. I don’t know whether that’s the most… thoughtful… response to make here, though.

8 thoughts on “So I guess @toure is *actually* arguing that George Zimmerman is Indio…”

  1. I don’t know…beating Toure with a stick until he stops has a certain amount of primitive appeal to me. Heck, the man thinks I’m racist because I exist anyway so what am I really losing?

    1. I think we’d need to form a line.
      And set up either a lottery or a high price on tickets, lest he die from his injuries.
      At a guess, I’d say that most people willing to pay a high price to beat him with a stick know him.
      As long as the general admission tickets come with popcorn, I’m good with that.

  2. To quote Hooper X from Chasing Amy:
    “I’m a minority within a minority within a minority. Ain’t nobody supportin’ my ass.”

  3. Uh . . . Hi? Sorry to interrupt . . . is this where we’re supposed to go if we want to help beat Toure with a stick?

  4. Yeah,the problem with ‘thoughtful’ responses to oppression is that while you’re thinking, the oppression is continuing and probably intensifying. Not to mention that the “big stick willfully applied” method effing works…….. which is why oppressors will be the first to tell you that you should take a “thoughtful” approach.

  5. They were trying to get Samuel L. Jackson to play Toure in the movie about the Zimmerman trials, but he said that it would just be repeating “Django Unchained.”

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