Quote of the Day, …And The Palestinians BELIEVED John Kerry? edition.

Oh, dear.

A senior Palestinian official told [the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper] that US Secretary of State John Kerry gave the Palestinians assurances that Israel would decrease construction in settlement blocs. The official also claimed that Kerry promised that Israel would halt construction in settlements outside the blocs during the peace negotiations.

OK, let me clear something up for foreign observers: under this administration the State Department is a political office designated for inconvenient top Democratic officials who need to be put somewhere safe for a while until they can be retired with some dignity.  Nobody really expects John Kerry to be functional in the job; this is a consolation and retirement prize for him.  People in the Middle East who want to engage in actual diplomacy with the US government should continue to interact as usual with Near Eastern Affairs Acting Assistant Secretary Beth Jones. – but the smart ones knew that already.

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  1. Heh, why would any of them think that any U.S. SecState can promise that Israel will follow any given course of action? SMDH

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