#obamacare decides Black Californian media outlets not currently worth the advertising revenue.

I am not really surprised, mind you:

A state-run outreach campaign designed to educate Californians about the federal Obamacare program has failed to include Black media outlets in the mix, Black activists say.

The campaign, which starts this week, is expected to spend millions on marketing materials slated for various media outlets in San Diego, Sacramento and Chico but Black outlets have so far been virtually ignored, said Darcel Lee, executive director of the California Black Health Exchange.

“It is somewhat disturbing that the African-American community is not a part of the test outreach campaign,” Lee said.

…After all, the Democrats have pretty much hit the saturation point when it comes to getting African-American votes.  Why bother keeping African-American media outlets happy with advertising revenue?  What are they going to do: start supporting Republicans?

Moe Lane

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  • Robert Mitchell Jr. says:

    Yep, one of the ugly facts of politics, the profit and respect point is the “whore” who never actually puts out because the pimp shows up and throws the john out the room. Actually do the deed and you get no respect at all. Funny old World we live in……

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