A term I really, really didn’t want to hear today:

“Maunder Minimum.”

Marvelous. Simply marvelous.

Moe Lane

PS: If it was up to me, everybody majoring in a climate science would also be required to minor in European History (pre-1900) in order to graduate.

3 thoughts on “A term I really, really didn’t want to hear today:”

  1. And a number of Geology credits.
    The AGW theory is fundamentally incompatible with the doctrine of Uniformitarianism (which underlies the entire science of Geology).
    Not to mention that all the CO2 trapped in coal (and most of that trapped in other hydrocarbons) used to be part of the atmosphere, and any impact the sequestration had is beneath our level of resolution. (For most of our planet’s history, the level of atmospheric CO2 was over 20%, instead of the trace gas it currently is. There were Ice Ages back then, too.)

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