…I’d love to know what happened to the day, too.

I look up, and suddenly it’s 10 PM and I’m hideously behind.  On the other hand, I finally put that last bookcase together like I was supposed to two weeks ago and my wife hadn’t even gotten to the point where she was reminding me about it by not reminding me about it.


Anyway, here’s something to distract you from my suddenly-erratic posting schedule:

Signs of Ancient Life Stirring in Antarctic Lake

Researchers have recently identified signs of life stirring beneath the icy depths of Antarctica. Samples taken from an ice-covered lake suggest that small microorganisms may have managed to live under the most extraordinary and harshest of conditions. The results could offer insight into the existence of other types of bacteria that may exist on Earth, as well as those of distant planets.

…Yeah, sure, that will end well.  If you like shoggoths.

Via Fark Geek.

5 thoughts on “…I’d love to know what happened to the day, too.”

  1. Moe: I’m looking for sturdy affordable bookcases for games, what brand did you get? I bought one from Target and its pretty lightweight, I dont think its going to hold up

    1. Darned if I remember: I think we ordered them online. They’re the ones that fold up when not in use (we didn’t realized that they needed assembly).

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