Pollution, Tom Lehrer

Not to be heretical or anything, but there was a reason why Nixon set up the EPA. Lot more birdsong now then there was when I was a kid.


  • Finrod says:

    But then the EPA, like every government agency, succumbed to Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy.

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    The EPA was needed but it did its job so well if decided to make up problems to solve. Now they are in full abuse mode. Time to reel them in.

    “The ideologically split Supreme Court united long enough for a 9-0 slap-down last March, ruling that EPA had gone too far when it refused to grant homeowners a review of the EPA’s decision to halt construction of a house on a “wetland.” The lot in question had no water on it, and yet EPA decided to fine the homeowners $75,000 per day—half of that without informing the home owners… There are even reports that the EPA is now using drones to keep an eye on American farmers. If this isn’t a rogue agency, I don’t know what is.”

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