Tweet/Video of the Day, The Democrats Don’t Know What To Do About #Obamacare edition.

Short version of the video below: guy goes up to Rep. Jared Polis (D, CO), tells Polis that the guy’s premiums – thanks to Obamacare – have almost doubled, and asks Polis what’s so affordable about the Affordable Care Act, anyway. Polis’s response? He pretends that this problem is unique to the guy, and can thus be somehow fixed with a phone call.

…It cannot. Jared Polis may not have the essential courage to be truthful, but I do: what happened to the man above is not a failure of the system. It is the system. I am sure that most Democrats that voted for Obamacare probably did not intend to destroy the health care choices of their constituents, but good intentions are not enough. They knew better. They knew that this was going to happen. We kept telling them that this was going to happen.

Clock’s ticking. Or something is.

5 thoughts on “Tweet/Video of the Day, The Democrats Don’t Know What To Do About #Obamacare edition.”

  1. Heh. Cleft stick problem*.
    Does Polis alienate his hardcore-lib base by running *against* O’care, does he look like a wuss and run saying “I want to fix it”, or does he look like an idiot by saying .. what he said?
    Well .. he’s removed all doubt .. and left the other two options open for a GOP challenger to scoop and run with.
    * classical reference

    1. He could run against O’care by running on single payer, and not only get the unions but also get the radical hardcore libs.

  2. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to say something and prove the point.” – Mark Twain

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