It’s remarkable how much the 1966 Batman film draws on HP Lovecraft.

The whole plot was more or less ripped off of from The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, or at least the central conceit was.  Add to that the simultaneous profound betrayal felt by Batman at a crucial moment in the movie – one that pretty much called into question the very pillars of his emotional stability as Bruce Wayne – and the final moments that evoked so perfectly Ken Hite’s thesis in The Man Who Shot Joseph Curwen, and you have a surprisingly Lovecraft-inspired movie.  I say ‘surprisingly’ because the movie is in itself not actually all that horrific.

Yeah, OK, I’m making this all up as I go along.  But the Essential Saltes thing was still kind of freaky.

5 thoughts on “It’s remarkable how much the 1966 Batman film draws on HP Lovecraft.”

  1. I just remember Robin running around with a bomb for half an hour on the docks and Batman beating up on an inflatable shark.

  2. Tim Burton has made an amazing collection of bad movies lately but I will always thank him for rescuing Batman and super-hero movies in general from the abyss

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