Three things about this MRC video…

where they ask people in DC whether they blame Barack Obama or George W Bush for the shutdown:

  1. …I’m not really upset that they’re blaming the one guy in the Republican party who had nothing to do with the shutdown for the shutdown.
  2. Neither is the Republican party leadership. They’re actually kind of relieved that they got away with it, because general resentment of a party loses a lot in translation into specific dislike of a politician*.
  3. …I like you, 1:02 Woman. I say this, knowing full well that you probably vote a straight Democratic ticket. You’re like the only person in those clips who treated the very question as if it was crazy, which it was.

Moe Lane

*Look at House re-election rates for the last forty years if you don’t believe me.  Approval rating is, what, 10% at the moment? Of course, that’s the average approval rating for Every OTHER Member of Congress besides mine, but we’re not supposed to say that, for some reason.

6 thoughts on “Three things about this MRC video…”

  1. Moe, do you actually approve of your Congressman? As I understood it, you live in a very liberal part of Maryland.

    1. No, mine is an absolutely useless Democrat; I barely remember his name (Ruppersburger – and even then, thank God for redistricting: mine used to be Elijah Cummings). He’s also not going anywhere.

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