Democrats starting to get scared about #obamacare meltdown.

It’s all very illuminating.

  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who is not coincidentally at all running for re-election in New Hampshire next year, wants to extend the open enrollment period to sign up for Obamacare. She’d also like the administration to ‘clarify’ whether people who can’t sign up will still be subject to the Obamacare tax.  Spoiler warning: of course they will be.  You can mail in the application, can’t you?
  • Rep. Steny Hoyer wants to throw money at the melting down exchange site.  Because apparently all the money thrown at the site already wasn’t enough.  What’s the working definition of insanity, again?
  • Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana isn’t calling for repeal.  Yet. But he’s about three steps along in the process.

And what makes all of this entertaining, too…


Translation: they could have had some breathing room over a month ago. But no, Barack Obama had to go and try to prove to the world that Daddy was wrong to leave him and Mommy behind…

Moe Lane

10 thoughts on “Democrats starting to get scared about #obamacare meltdown.”

  1. We’ve got nobody running against Shaheen.
    Not John Sununu, not his Brother Chris, not Frank Guinta or Jeb Bradley. ( Guinta is running for his old House seat instead), maybe we’ll get Bass but that’s not much of an improvement.
    Dang Sununu should have run ( John E. not H.)

    1. Too late to get on the ballot? No?
      Never say never… and even if Bass runs and wins (Wiki says there’s several other potentials) it *still* puts Harry Reid out of a job.

      1. I doubt Bass will win, he’s an old fart, so is Shaheen, but still.
        Sununu is both our best candidate and arguably the most conservative. But he won’t run for family reasons.

  2. Screw Donnelly. His vote to repeal won’t save him, he’s done in 2018. Bet on it!

  3. Hoyer is just following Dem SOP when there’s a problem throw lots of money at it and hope it get fixed. The other two are trying to get their brains around the problem of X million people are going to be taxed for not purchasing health insurance from a non working website going into the elections of 2014. This is going to get to be a major problem for the Dems until someone can pass a delay of the mandate and convince O’bama to sign it.

  4. I agree with Instapundit here if the Dems want Republican help delaying the individual mandate we should inform them that that boat has sailed. My take is If they want Republican help now they will have to Pay for it: Asking price; Greenlight the Keystone XL pipeline; End the EPA’s war on coal; and Sebellius resigns. And I can pass on the last one, she’ll do far more damage to O’bamacare where she’s at now she already has. And Twister your not going to win hearts and minds by letting people get hurt even if it’s their own fault. Getting people jobs or saving their jobs can win people over. Also leaving O’bama with egg on his face for forcing the shutdown over something he now has to ask for is at least a mild upside in itself.

  5. We mustn’t forget the most recent mailing to 300,000 insured folks in Florida who just received their cancellation notices.

    The Dems were able to delay implementation until after the 2012 elections in order to hide the truth. Now that those letters are in the mail, it can’t be hidden anymore.

    Nice to see that the Postal Service still has its usefulness…doing the job the media wouldn’t do.

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