Craig Romney has an awesome slide for his kids in his house.

I had some prime sneering laid out for some mouth-breathing commenters at this (quite cheerfully envious and malice-free) New Yorker piece: but, do you know something?  That’s how the mouth-breathers win.  So:


Craig Romney’s cool for having this for his kids and their friends, and people who get all bitter inside from seeing that are already punishing themselves without my help. Fine by me.


  • Luke says:

    What kind of monster color-codes his books?
    OK, that’s about as much pseudo outrage as I can muster. He’s got a nice house. Good for him.

  • BigGator5 says:

    Apparently, it’s nothing personal. It’s just because the NYMAG really likes slides. Think back to that xkcd strip (150) where the girl put those playpen balls in her apartment. It’s like that but with a slide.

  • Darin_H says:

    If he was a Liberal, they would sing his praises for getting everyone to run up the stairs over and over and over and over and “Let’s Move!” My kids would love this (and I would love the hours of entertainment it provides).

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