Andy Kaufman lives! …It’s just that he’s Russell Brand.

This is… epic.

It’s like a performance art routine designed specifically for people just like me. Kaufman would have loved it.


5 thoughts on “Andy Kaufman lives! …It’s just that he’s Russell Brand.”

  1. A copy of the Encyclopedia Brittanica that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp described Russell Brand as “A mindless jerk who was the first up against the wall when the revolution came.”

    (Always a good time for an Adams quote.)

  2. He should have spent his life making Katy Perry happy, but blew his chance. He is in the same class as Prince Charles, in my view, as well as all those who won the lottery and squandered their winnings.

  3. Socialism is surely bound to work the very next time it is tried given that it has failed every time up to now. It’s the law of averages or something.

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