NYT: Oh, by the way, expect massive gaps in coverage under #obamacare.

I don’t know if they even realize it, mind you. Basically, it was this throwaway line in an critical(!) article about the White House’s, ah, overly optimistic world view when it comes to the Obamacare rollout. Specifically, with regard to the website (not that the article is dated 10/24/2013):

Some specialists involved in the repair effort have estimated it will be six to eight weeks before the online system operates tolerably, and longer before all the kinks are worked out.

Let me translate: the site will not be working before December. It may not be working before the middle of December.  That means that every current policy holder who had their insurance policies canceled because of Obamacare – a number that already is in the hundreds of thousands, and very well might hit millions – will at best have one to three weeks to find coverage, acquire coverage, and have that coverage confirmed before the December 31st end date.  Considering that the standard turnover time – which is to say, a turnover time that does not assume insanely high volume – for applications is generally conceded to be two weeks, this means that if anybody who has lost their coverage already had best find an alternative to the exchanges.  Because if they try to sign up when the site finally goes live fore real (assuming that it does), they’re going to have three weeks of an exceptional amount of mental anguish, frustration, and dread.

Merry Christmas!

Moe Lane

One thought on “NYT: Oh, by the way, expect massive gaps in coverage under #obamacare.”

  1. Even if they manage to fix the drecking thing this year, this is only going to get worse. People will die because of O’bamacare being instituted, and their coverage being interrupted. Did a Lot this year to make sure me and mine aren’t in that number. Still worrying I didn’t do enough. I can read the signs from nature, winter will be hard. Sometimes you just have to endure. “Deep roots are not touched by the Frost”.

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