Website hosting #obamacare conference call splutters and dies. …Really? REALLY?

I find this insulting.

I don’t need any kind of handicap to rake the Democrats over the coals, ladies and gentlemen; and if the Other Side can’t be bothered to bring its A-game, then they shouldn’t come onto the court in the first place. MY time is valuable, even if theirs is not.

See Twitchy if you want actual mockery; I’m so disgusted all I can manage right now is a sneer.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Website hosting #obamacare conference call splutters and dies. …Really? REALLY?”

      1. And you are more readable as a result.
        Only the truly sick willingly, nay gratefully consume a continual stream of anothers’ bile.

  1. Weren’t they using the “Go to Meeting” system I’ve used them before and they are very reliable someone would have had to really screw up for it not to have worked. I have never had a problem getting into the system and I’m am not really sure how you could mess it up it is that simple to use. I have ended up in wrong rooms, if the login info your sent isn’t correct that is very possible to do. So I’m guessing someone sent a bunch of people the wrong login info.

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