So I just *started* putting together the OGRE 3D figures.

For people without the game: basically, they’re punch-outs on cardstock that you have to assemble yourself.  It’s not difficult, but there’s a freaking lot of them.

…No, really, there’s a lot of them.  The assembly sheet explicitly says not to punch them all out at once and then assemble; that way lies madness (direct quote).  And given how many Kickstarter sheets were added (although I could have sworn there was supposed to be a Kaiju in there somewhere)… I’m not gonna be able to fit all the pieces in the assigned spots in the box.  I dunno what I’m going to do about that.  Plastic bags, maybe?

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, I plan to keep getting minis for this game, so there’s that.

PPS: I’m a little vague today, too.  Not enough sleep last night either, apparently.

3 thoughts on “So I just *started* putting together the OGRE 3D figures.”

  1. I am changing the subject, because boring.
    Here Moe, watch this and weep that you didn’t watch the 50th Anniversary episode. The 10th and 11th teamed up with the War Doctor (as he is now called) played by John Hurt. Every Doctor made a cameo appearance (most using archive footage and Tom Baker appeared himself), including the coming 12th Doctor! It was brilliant.

  2. Gone for a week, looks like not much has changed in the world so far, Obama still a SCOAMF.
    The monster will be in the Boardgamegeek promo pack.

  3. It took me four hours to unbox, punch out, and assemble everything. That seems to be on the low side of average.
    As Spegen noted, you buy the sheet with the daikaiju from BoardGameGeek. Buying the sponsored sheets is a bit of a dilemma for me.
    On one hand, I’d like to support those that dumped a bunch of money into the project to make it as cool as it turned out to be.
    OTOH, what’s the point? I’ve already got at least 5 playable factions for a 2-person game, and more terrain and vehicle counters/models than I have any idea what to do with. (And just as importantly, how the heck would I fit even more material into the box? Huge as it is, it’s still pretty dang full.)
    But I assure you that it does all fit in the box. Just put things where they’re labeled, and it’ll all work out. There’s even a little bit of room to spare. (Not much. But some.)

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