The Doom that came to Denmark (Don’t click the link if you like tranquil sleep).

Lovecraft reference, not political. 

Here, meet the Danish royal family.


Yes, that is a real painting.  I am not going to compete with this description of it; I could, mind you, but I respect the artistry that went into that description too much to try to eclipse it.

Via AoSHQ.

Moe Lane

PS …Seriously, what the hell is that?

PPS: I would like to note for the record that the grandfather of the Queen of Denmark (Christian X) happened to be one of the few people in World War II who told Adolf Hitler to go f*ck himself over persecuting the Jews, and he did that while the Nazis were occupying his country. So, you know, maybe this was a little rude.

8 thoughts on “The Doom that came to Denmark (Don’t click the link if you like tranquil sleep).”

  1. As someone who has already lost their mind, I am not at all disturb as you. It is honestly not that bad. If you want disturbing, check out Francis Bacon or H. R. Giger.

  2. I agree with the Gator it’s not that bad, I understand what the artist was going for and he failed. Oh and have the easter eggs singled out already. Not that hard either. Kind of blatant actually.

  3. Maybe on some level in the modern art world, these kinds of surrealistic paintings hold sway…but for an official family multigenerational portrait – of a royal family – it doesn’t win any points.

    I’m not fond of innocent children being painted as if they’re refugees from the Chucky doll factory.

    The portrait tells us more about the artist’s perspective of the world than the family he was supposed to portray.

    1. Which is why the modern art world loves it.
      Also, it’s just begging to be featured a CoC or Unknown Aries arc.

  4. I’m sitting at my desk, so I had to fake cough a couple times to cover my suppressed laughter. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Of course it’s always a possibility that the readers of this blog have unusually high Sanity scores, that can’t be ruled out.

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