6 thoughts on “A new addition to the Lane Collection!”

      1. Was driving a .. nevermind.
        Point is, drove past a house with an open garage door and saw that the owner, obviously a guy, had pictures hanging – nearly floor to ceiling – along the walls of his garage.

  1. It goes in a prominent place, to be sure. Such a thing should be in the war room above the gaming table (kitchen table?). I’m thinking the ‘where’ may be more dependant on how indulgent Mrs. Lane is feeling.

    As an aside, seeing blue blueprints these days cracks me up since they havn’t looked like that (blue with white lines) since laser printers (although it does bring back fond memories of ammonia fumes). It does match the faux 70’s design of the lettering, though (‘Space 1999’ font should see more wide use)

  2. I am going to have to frame mine also before the kids ruin it. Another expense for this game. Just bought the BGG sheets so I can have the giant lizard.

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