Time: Help Barry, George W Bush. You’re his only hope.

Yes, I paraphrase, or possibly am reading too much into the subtext.  Still, hope springs eternal, nu?

There’s no telling what might happen now that Barack Obama and George W. Bush find themselves taking a long Air Force One flight from Washington to Johannesburg to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela. But history suggests something will.

Historic funerals have a way of concentrating the minds of the men and women who make history. They’ve already had to plan their own funerals in uncomfortably vivid detail: Who comes, who speaks, where will all the satellite trucks park, do they want to be buried near their home or at their presidential library to be sure the pilgrims keep on coming?

As they write their eulogies for their fellow titans, they can’t help but imagine their own, review their challenges, hype their accomplishments, hide their regrets. These uncommon occasions to get together, if nothing else, are an opportunity to forgive.

Problem with that is, Barack Obama doesn’t think that there’s a thing to he has learn from George W Bush. Which is a shame, because W has quite a bit he could teach the man.  Particularly the arcane skill of how to get things done when Congress is controlled by the opposition party, which is a problem that Obama has yet to fully experience.


Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “Time: Help Barry, George W Bush. You’re his only hope.”

  1. What, you don’t think Obama can community-organize Congress? I’m .. looking forward to that.
    As for W helping out O, I just don’t see it.
    W is polite enough to not offer unsolicited help or advice, and O is sufficiently unaware and incurious to not recognize that he needs advice.
    Now, I could see W and Val J having a convo …

  2. Not sure there is any advice W can give O for his current problems. When you’ve dug yourself into a hole that deep I think you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to getting out.

  3. RE Historic funerals have a way of concentrating the minds of the men and women who make history.

    That was obvious. Obama cut up so much at the tribute with European leaders that Michelle finally had to separate him.


    The sequence seems to have started with Obama, Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron posing for a ‘selfie’, followed by Obama touching Thorning-Schmidt on her shoulder, then a glaring Michelle Obama, ending up in Barack and Michelle switching seats so that she is now sitting next to Thorning-Schmidt.

      1. Yeah, but it’s worth mentioning again!

        Don’t you wish we could have listened in, the first time Michelle got her hubby alone after that?

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