Somebody *should* buy up @AceofSpadesHQ. For a lot of money.

I’m not involved at all in the nitty-gritty of the acquisition of Eagle Publishing by Salem Communications – obviously, I’m affected by it, given that I write for RedState – but I will say this: AoSHQ does a hell of a job, and deserves to be bought up by somebody who would like access to all those eyeballs.  Those folks get good traffic, and their heads are on a swivel.

Via Constant Reader acat.

7 thoughts on “Somebody *should* buy up @AceofSpadesHQ. For a lot of money.”

  1. I hope this is good news for RedState. It was once my very favorite conservative site. I miss what it used to be but I am cheering them on!

    1. Ditto. I don’t comment much anymore there, and I really don’t read much past the front page articles since the move to the Disqus.

  2. I found it .. amusing .. that Ace had something up about it before it hit Red State.
    I’m .. not really sure how Salem plans to monetize this. There’s only so much the worshipers of the little tin god efficiency can do to save a buck.
    More pointedly, I’m not sure how having a “highly efficient cross-platform advertising distribution back-end” helps activists reach and educate and mobilize ..

    Seems to me that the big sites gain eyeballs, at the expense of activist-to-activist conversation, but .. I’ve said all that before.

  3. I just hope redstate doesn’t go the way of Hot Air. Right now only Allahpundit has any fire anymore.
    Most at Hot Air are all about “Sure this sucks, but it’s the best we can do, so vote For Christie”

  4. I am sure they would like the money but they don’t seem to be the play well with others and follow the company line group

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