Wisconsin Democrats forced to retract Scott Walker smears from website.

I remember when that particular state party was effective.  Or even competent.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin scrubbed its website Wednesday of accusations that Gov. Scott Walker was kicked out of Marquette University and student elections there.

The move was in response to a PolitiFact Wisconsin investigation that found no evidence Walker was forced out of either.

In the story published Wednesday, PolitiFact reported that Marquette, with Walker’s permission, released a letter that said he left voluntarily in spring 1990 and was in good standing each term. That means no conduct issues, academic or otherwise, blocked his registration.

I will be slightly merciful and not subject my readers to the Wisconsin Democrats’ rather torturous contortions over why they’re removing some clearly false information while still refusing to admit that it’s false information: after all, we all know the real answer. Wisconsin Democrats hate and fear Scott Walker, to the point where they’ll do dumb things like believe (and run with) any nonsense story about the man without checking first*. I’d commiserate, if only I felt sorry for them.

Moe Lane

*The Left did roughly the same thing with George W Bush, as you might recall.  You might also recall that GWB won re-election and managed to win** the Iraq war in the face of a Democratic Congress that had supposedly been elected to stop him from fighting said war any more. So don’t assume that the Democrats know what they’re doing.

**Unfortunately, his successor apparently doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Democrats forced to retract Scott Walker smears from website.”

  1. I’ll believe the Wisconsin Democratic Party has lost its effectiveness completely when Wisconsin goes for a Republican for President.

      1. No, Spegen. I’ve been hoping that for a while now.
        Walker/{name}, or {name}/Walker would suit this cat just fine.
        {name} being Pence, Jindal, Perry, Paul (Rand), Lee, or Cruz.. and in the case of the last three, Walker *must* come first.

        1. I agree, except I would replace Rand Paul with Marco Rubio. He is my Senator, so I am partial to him.
          However I would like to see Rubio run for Florida Governor, then run for POTUS.
          Please don’t howl at me. I didn’t like the immigration reform bill either, but I still respect the fact he isn’t just sitting on his hands in his first term.

    1. Meh. Not much they can do with Milwaukee practically printing ballots already cast for the Democrats.

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