Oh, right. Christmas week.

It’s gonna be a sloooooooow week for politics, God willing.


So, what video games are all y’all looking forward to?  I don’t know, I’m trying to put off doing the dishes.

14 thoughts on “Oh, right. Christmas week.”

  1. Since they no longer sell video games that only require a joystick and one button, I don’t think I’ll be getting any. Honestly, I never made the transition to multiple buttons, and every time I attempt it, people watching me just point and laugh.

    1. I saw a mock-Atari 2600 console at Kroger’s. It had 100 games loaded on it, and wireless controllers shaped like the originals.

      1. Problem is, I wasn’t really any good back then either. Quick reflexes are required for video gaming. Mine could not be fairly described even as slow.

  2. I’d settle for a version of Dwarf Fortress that doesn’t throw “Nemesis load failure” after I’ve got the basic infrastructure built out.

      1. I’ve played it, and found it too much trouble to get into.

        I’ve also played Liberal Crime Squad by the same developer. I can tolerate that if I name my leftist revolutionaries after nazis.

        1. I find both the politics of LCS and the nazis so distasteful that together they somehow cancels out to only a mild dislike.

  3. Getting a WiiU. Nintendo games are a requirement. Will get a PS4 or an XBone next year when there are games I want to play on them. PC games will tide me over till then.

  4. Well, there is supposed to be a new Gemcraft out January.
    I guess I’m also waiting on the retail expansion in Billy Versus SNAKEMAN.

  5. Destiny, but that’s a year out. Titanfall, but not enough to buy it before the price drops. That’s really about it. Of course, I’ve got a backlog of games I haven’t yet had a chance to play… Yet.
    Although I am intrigued by Device 6 for the iPad. I think I’m going to have to get it.

  6. I just found out that there is going to be a SRW Z3. They are adding in gundam Unicorn and FMP. Plus, it is another two part game, they are apparently doing the second raid in one, so two might have the rest of the novels/manga, and hence the ARX-8.

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