Reid retreats on amendment tree for unemployment benefits extension.

Heh: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says he is now open to considering Republican amendments to a bill extending emergency unemployment benefits through most of 2014.” Yeah, I understand that fighting on quicksand can be tricky. Especially when you hadn’t previously realized that it was quicksand.

Situation boils down to this: the GOP will readily enough trade extending benefit duration for other cuts, but not fake cuts like extending a sequester that’s in the process of being negotiated down anyway.  And Reid’s usual gambit of trying to shut out GOP amendments apparently got smacked down by the very Republican Senators that voted to move the bill forward in the first place. Reid’s a bit stuck, but then you knew that already from the man’s whining.  I swear to God, you’d think that a man so bloated with power beyond his merit would be happier about that…

Via Instapundit.

5 thoughts on “Reid retreats on amendment tree for unemployment benefits extension.”

    1. Well, one problem is the whole “Crying Wolf!” thing. Real Conservatives(TM) have been screaming at the top of their lungs about the country going bankrupt since at least Wilson’s reign. And then you have all the frothing about W “Spending too much money! He’s a RINO and is going to bankrupt the country!”, only to have Obama increase the deficit tenfold, without the whole machine exploding. So for almost a hundred years, we’ve been hearing about how out of control the spending is, while we have grown to become the Hyper-power. Time for a new story, maybe?

      1. It really doesn’t matter. If look toward China and realize that the numbers don’t add up, you’ll be sorely tempted to just start drinking.

        1. Not really, if you have a sense of history. England had triple our debt (Relative to there GNP) and went on to rule the World for a hundred+ years. And, of course, I am old enough to remember when we were supposed to look to Japan and see that the numbers didn’t add up…..

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