In the Kindle: “All You Need is Kill.”

All You Need Is Kill is that book that’s being made into that Tom Cruise movie.  Basically, think Groundhog Day as hardcore anime-flavored military science fiction.  And it’s good stuff, too: I’m enjoying it muchly.

Probably will hate the movie, though. That’s how these things go.

8 thoughts on “In the Kindle: “All You Need is Kill.””

    1. I bet the film will have the following elements:
      1. Tom Cruise Power Run ™
      2. Tom looking cool on a motorcycle
      3. Betrayal by friend/co-worker/trusted confidant
      4. Tom at the point of despair! Oh no!
      5. Tom Cruise saves the day.

      1. I think I’ve seen that before, jetty. Isn’t that the movie where Tom Cruise plays the cocky young guy?

  1. Groundhog Day wasn’t based off of any book. I think it made the difference, because they could tell their story instead of someone else’s story.
    When I heard that this upcoming movie was based off a book, my hopes that it would be good movie began to take on water.

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