In the Kindle: “All You Need is Kill.”

All You Need Is Kill is that book that’s being made into that Tom Cruise movie.  Basically, think Groundhog Day as hardcore anime-flavored military science fiction.  And it’s good stuff, too: I’m enjoying it muchly.

Probably will hate the movie, though. That’s how these things go.

8 thoughts on “In the Kindle: “All You Need is Kill.””

    1. I bet the film will have the following elements:
      1. Tom Cruise Power Run ™
      2. Tom looking cool on a motorcycle
      3. Betrayal by friend/co-worker/trusted confidant
      4. Tom at the point of despair! Oh no!
      5. Tom Cruise saves the day.

      1. I think I’ve seen that before, jetty. Isn’t that the movie where Tom Cruise plays the cocky young guy?

  1. Read and enjoyed the book back in 2009…and also have no confidence the movie will be any good.

  2. Groundhog Day wasn’t based off of any book. I think it made the difference, because they could tell their story instead of someone else’s story.
    When I heard that this upcoming movie was based off a book, my hopes that it would be good movie began to take on water.

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