Three things about this unexpected dose of #obamacare reality over at TPM.

In order:

  1. The TPM reader’s situation (he’s comparing a $450*/year Obamacare tax to paying for a $3,800/year high deductible plan, and deciding that the tax is preferable) indicates that it turns out that we’ve been teaching math in our schools after all.  Gotta tell you: there’s nothing like a paycheck to focus the mind on the wonders of arithmetic.
  2. Two years from now, that 1% tax will be 2.5%.  Which means it goes up from $450/year to $1,350/year.  That’s still close to one-third the price of a policy – and that’s assuming there that the rates won’t go through the roof between now and then, which is not a safe assumption to make. That’s why they call them death spirals.
  3. Note that the reader still hasn’t actually stopped to think about the consequences of #2 at all, at all.  I will be magnanimous on that point, though: he’s a TPM reader. We were lucky to get one of them to admit that the math was problematical.



Moe Lane

[*Remember: $95/year or 1% above first $10K.  Also: I dunno why this footnote got deleted.]

8 thoughts on “Three things about this unexpected dose of #obamacare reality over at TPM.”

  1. What to I get for high Obamacare premiums? A $3,000 to $5,000 deductible before incurring a 30% co-pay. Oh, look, free birth control!

  2. Read the whole thing. He’s a “proud” Obama voter and would do so again. Still supports Obamacare. Useful idiot is the term that springs to mind.
    The best (surely unintentional) quote from him is “I just don’t believe this is the final solution, rather, only the first step.”
    Uh, a Hitler says what?

    1. It’s the agitprop for single-payer.
      The useful idiots actually bought that Cuba has a better system than we do.. My gay communist associate keeps insisting, based on nothing he can cite, that Cuba has a cure for some cancers that we don’t have.

      1. and yet, they’re not all jumping on 1952 Ford Fjords and making the open water trek for some of that sweet Cancer Curing Commie state…

    2. He hasn’t made the mental jump yet to figure out that if the government is screwing up the control it has now of the healthcare industry, it’ll only get worse if you give the government even more control (single-payer).

      Some people can’t figure out that the stove is hot until it burns their hand.

  3. Moe: You placed a “*” after the $450 in your post, but offered no explanation for it. Essentially a tease with no pay-off.
    Derogatory names are often directed towards people doing such things….

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