Joe Biden determined to harsh your mellow.

Guess what?  Notorious War on Some Drugs warrior Joe Biden ain’t planning to change his spots:

The Obama Administration is not pushing marijuana legalization on the federal level, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday in an exclusive interview with TIME.

Just weeks after President Barack Obama told the New Yorker that the drug is no more dangerous than alcohol, Biden said the Administration supports smarter enforcement, but not outright legalization. “I think the idea of focusing significant resources on interdicting or convicting people for smoking marijuana is a waste of our resources,” Biden told TIME in an interview aboard an Amtrak train on the way to an event in Philadelphia. “That’s different than [legalization]. Our policy for our Administration is still not legalization, and that is [and] continues to be our policy.”

This should shock nobody, but it will be entertaining to see young Democrats have to choose between Joe Biden (who has a personality) and Hillary Clinton (who does not, but who is also not stupid enough to talk about the marijuana in public), starting next year…

Via Hot Air Headlines.

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden determined to harsh your mellow.”

  1. I wonder how Bill “I didn’t inhale” Clinton will fit into all this. You think he’ll come clean? Does that mean we’ll get to see an aged Hill valiantly try to be hip with the dope smoking crowd?.
    “I did inhale!”

  2. I just want Joe to run for President in 2016. He and Hillary in debates would be entertaining.

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