Hey, did you give money to Wendy Davis?

You did*?


Wendy Davis backs 20-week abortion ban that defers to women

Wendy Davis said Tuesday that she would have supported a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, if the law adequately deferred to a woman and her doctor.

As many, many people have noted: this is shorthand for “Oh, right, I’m running for office in Texas.” It’s not that she is actually embracing a pro-life position; there’s a lot of wiggle room in that statement.  What it does mean is that Wendy Davis, when faced with a choice between sticking to her guns, and breaking and running, picked breaking and running.  That’s not what her out-of-state supporters paid for… but that’s what they’re going to get, and there are a lot of vulnerable Democratic candidates who could have used that money.

But I bet you that Texas would collectively say “Thanks!” to that influx of campaign cash into the local economy!  They are, after all, a mannerly folk.

Moe Lane

*I am aware that none of my commenters gave money to Wendy Davis.

6 thoughts on “Hey, did you give money to Wendy Davis?”

  1. No, none of us did.
    A lack of foresight on our part, as she’s provided a truly impressive amount of entertainment for us.

  2. Out of state money tried to buy Wendy Davis because of her support for white supremacism. She even had supporters in state who supported those values.
    Thing is, like many places, in Texas the oral history has seeped into the culture.
    Texans in general understand what sort of incidents a return to a certain status quo would bring. Only the naive would think that they could never anger their local political establishment or that relying on its good will must be safe.
    Texans in general do not want that. Even those who don’t like minorities, are nostalgic of the Confederacy, and think there were periods where the Democratic Party was not treasonous and evil, do not want to be killed for political gain. If they really wanted it back, they could do it without us being able to object.
    So while being the former Mrs. Jeff Davis might be enough to win the primary, it was never going to be enough for the general election.
    Texans are cautious about being disarmed and easy meat for the lynch mob. Texans have some concerns about letting people get away entirely free with murder for political gain.
    Of course Davis would betray her die hard white supremacist supporters if she held any hope of going more slowly to the ash bin of history where her kind belong.

  3. I’m kind of disappointed that this is happening now. I wanted her campaign to implode around the month of September. At this rate she could lose the Donk primary.
    And even if she goes on to the General and loses, the leftists in Texas will claim she lost because she wasn’t liberal enough.

  4. The good news is that people contributed over $10 million to Wendy “Darling” Davis which will not be available to give to other candidates. She can pay an awful lot of rent with those funds.

    1. She could’ve raised more though, and would have if her implosion had occurred in Sept.

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