Two more Democrats take their balls and go home.

Freshman Gloria McLeod of CA-35 and long-time Representative Rush Holt of NJ-12. No great loss, in either case. McLeod’s a California apparatchik who apparently misses the little pond of county government and Holt was someone who aspired to scientific gadfly*, but only achieved “mild aggravation.” Double-digit Democratic districts – say that five times, real fast – that were lovingly redistricted to keep ’em that way**; still, every time we see one of these seats get filled with a hothouse flower of a freshman legislator it’s a mild gain for us.

I wonder if this is the end of the retirement wave?

Moe Lane

*I’ll say this for him: he almost certainly knows that the Earth revolves around the sun.  Oh, yeah, I plan to run that sneer right into the ground.

**I don’t feel obligated to pretend that the Left didn’t hijack California’s ‘nonpartisan’ redistricting process.  It did.  They got away with it.  That’s one major reason why California is so messed up right now, and I can’t do anything about it anyway.

3 thoughts on “Two more Democrats take their balls and go home.”

  1. Before Holt it was held by a Republican ( Holt beat him in 2000)
    It’s a shame Holt wasn’t the Democrat Nominee for Senate. Lonegan would’ve probably beaten him. In August Lonegan was within the MOE with Pallone and Holt, and beating Olivier.

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