некултурны. #sochi #rsrh

“Nekulturny,” or “uncultured” in English. I learned it as “nyeh kulturny,” back when it was the nastiest thing that you could possibly call a Soviet Russian. Ah, the dubious joys of the Second World:

Beating women with whips for the cameras.  Russian regimes never change.

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  1. Russia has often, to this cat, seemed most in need of small arms and training in their use for women.

  2. 1. The Cossack quirks the photographer, and the guy doesn’t even wince. I don’t think this is “whipping”.
    2. ‘Pussy Riot’ was jailed because they decided to turn a church service into their own personal concert, complete with filthy language and everything. They deserved to go to jail.
    3. I have no idea of the context above, but I would bet money that this is another one of their “publicity stunts” that that American media can’t help but to portray as “human rights violations”.

    1. The complexities of Russian political protest – and the general uselessness of pretty much everyone involved – are indeed profound, but:

      Real men do not hit women. You advance on an unarmed woman while carrying a strap or a whip, you deserve whatever happens to you afterward.

      1. Note that I know that I don’t have to tell anybody here that you shouldn’t hit women, of course. But apparently there’s a sh*thole or two in Russia that hasn’t gotten that particular memo yet.

        1. Would you prefer tazing when people cause a public disturbance (like the guy that yelled ‘Don’t taze me bro!’ at a Kerry event)? And how does this compare with how Muslim women are treated? Muslim women are treated much worse, but we NEVER, EVER see anything in the news about it.
          So, yeah, I don’t advocate hitting women. But the crap that’s been reported about Russia these past few weeks has me a little agitated. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cossack involved was actually getting paid by Pussy Riot.

          1. I invoke the Razor of Occam.
            Putin has had opponents beaten and/or assassinated on a regular basis.
            That this is exactly what it appears to be is much more likely than a conspiracy theory about the Western media being manipulated by Pussy Riot.
            Especially when it’s quite clear that the Western media does not give a flying frack.

  3. Sorry, Luke, I lived there for several years, and was initially shocked, then ticked off, at how often the Western media misreported events there. Western media doesn’t give a frack, but they all (left and right) seem to be spoon fed from the same source at the State Dept. Don’t think that’s possible? Then explain this:

    1. I don’t believe the State Department was involved in a story about on-line dating sites.
      But I’m interested in hearing your theory to the contrary.
      Uncontested Point: Putin has had opponents beaten and/or assassinated on a great many occasions.
      Uncontested Point: Pussy Riot members are opponents of the Putin regime.

      1. If local TV stations are coordinated on trivial puff pieces, then why is it a stretch to believe that they coordinate on serious foreign policy news?

  4. “Pussy Riot attacked with whips by Cossack militia at Sochi Olympics.”

    I can stop reading now. I have now seen every possible combination of words.

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