Is there a better category than “Safe Republican?”

Because if so, Eric Cantor just hit it:


You don’t walk into a R+10 district and tell a bunch of lawful gun owners that they’re actually a bunch of illiterate bigoted losers who have to wear white sheets to cover up their failure*. Unless you’re an idiot, of course.

:cough cough: “Get over,” as opposed to “Get off.” :cough cough:

Moe Lane

*If you’re a member of a minority group and you’re curious about how the NRA feels about you being armed, go ask one. Just be warned: the average NRA member will do his or her best to turn that discussion into a shopping trip.

5 thoughts on “Is there a better category than “Safe Republican?””

  1. The same man who claimed that Fox news should be “monitored” by the FCC is now saying this.
    I’m wondering if he’s serious or just trolling at this point.

    1. Republicans (or at least Union vets) founded the NRA directly and specifically to contest Democrats using gun control to support the KKK, which was either a Democratic proxy, or The Party’s military branch.
      I tend to think that reflexive whitewashing of The Party amounts to some degree of white supremacism.
      Preserving the false narrative of the history of the Democratic Party is necessary to reconcile a number of things, including that the Democratic Party has not made adequate reparations for the political profit it made from slavery and Jim Crow.
      It would be silly for a loyal high level Democrat to speak otherwise on the public record.

  2. Behold the liberating power of someone who just doesn’t care anymore!
    He’s not going to win and he knows it, so Mike Dickinson has become an internet troll. I can’t say that I blame him. However one thing that trolls hate, are other trolls.

  3. Shopping trip, hell! First we take them shooting, and we let them shoot all of our guns that they want while we pay the range fee and ammo costs.

    It is only after we’ve given them that New Shooter Grin and exposed them to as many types and models of firearms as possible do we then take them shopping. 😉

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