Anybody got an opinion on Kindle Fire HD vs. Kindle Fire HDX?

I’ve been saving up for the last few months to buy one – my children have taken over the iPad, and that is the way of it – and I’m almost there.  Problem is, I’m not sure which is better: the HDX 8.9″ is lighter and has better resolution, but for the prices that I’m looking at I could get double the memory if I went with the regular HD 8.9″. Anybody who’s played with either have an opinion?

I know, I know: First World problems.  Gimme a break: this is the item I hide from my family and use for my own entertainment needs.  Pretty much every other digital device in the house has been colonized by my children: they’re even eying the Chromebook.

Moe Lane

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6 thoughts on “Anybody got an opinion on Kindle Fire HD vs. Kindle Fire HDX?”

  1. I always go for the latest and greatest, so an HDX if buying now, but if I already had an HD, it’s not worth the upgrade.

  2. I’ve got an HDX 7″ and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. The screen is gorgeous and I’ve found more than enough apps to play with; it’s not too constraining living in Amazon’s walled garden.

  3. I got the HD for my wife.
    I checked both the HD and HDX out in the store, and I had a hard time distinguishing that one had a higher resolution than the other. So I got her the cheaper model with more memory. She hasn’t managed to tax its capabilities yet. It’s certainly faster than the iPad.

  4. Ask yourself the questions: “What do I intend to do with it? Is there anything that one model can do that the other model can’t? If so, do I care about that capability?” If either model will meet your needs, get the less expensive one and spend the leftover money on booze and chicks* … Whichever one you get, console yourself with the realization that it’ll be obsolete in two years, anyway.
    * Or chick, in your case.

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