Hey, some *good* news: Illinois Concealed Carry is ticking along.

A bit clunky and everything, but you have to crawl before you can walk.

Illinois’ first concealed carry gun licenses — about 5,000 of them — are being printed and mailed today, Illinois State Police officials said in a morning press conference.

Officials said they have received more than 50,000 applications. Those being mailed today were early approvals, mostly for those who submitted fingerprints along with their application.

Via Hot Air. Erika Johnson is correct, of course, about how this good news is both being graded on a curve, and that you kind of have to grade it on a curve in this case.  The Illinois Combine does not like people having guns.  That it is complying with the courts on this anyway is something that needs to be encouraged.

Moe Lane

PS: Also via Hot Air… this Mr. Vernon seems like a very sensible fellow. You should read that article.

2 thoughts on “Hey, some *good* news: Illinois Concealed Carry is ticking along.”

  1. From the article about Mr. Vernon: Vernon has been a firearm owner and activist for decades, but he doesn’t fit the stereotype of a gun nut.
    Ah, bigotry. I guess it’s fine when you’re a journalist. Of course, if he stepped out of his safe little bubble, he’d learn that “gun nuts” (I’m picturing a sneer as he types out that phrase) have the unfortunate tendency to look like everyone else.
    Other than that? Great article.

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