Tweet of the Day, It Is One Of Those Enduring Demographic Mysteries edition. #obamacare

I can’t imagine the reason for this, either.

It’s almost as if they’re… upset over Obamacare!


Moe Lane

PS: When you read the article, be prepared: the subject (Dr. Monica Wehby) is… the sort of candidate that could maybe win a statewide election in Oregon. You just have to ask yourself how much watching the Democrats go into brown-pants panic is worth to you; for that matter, an incremental strategy isn’t a bad argument for states like Oregon. Goodness knows the Democrats keep doing it to us.


  • jetty says:

    MONICA Wehby is a woman; misogynic, bigoted liberals will tear her apart, because, you know, the Republican war on women or something.

  • midwestconservative says:

    Hey, I didn’t think we stood even a remote chance in Oregon this time last year. I figured New Mexico would be trending our way, but not Oregon.
    Arlen Specter could come back from the grave and run in Oregon, and I’d support him just to see the Donks scramble about like rabbits.

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