Actually had a very good meal tonight at the Highland Inn.

In Howard County, Maryland.  The Highland Inn does “casual fine dining” (means no dress code): they have a bar side and a fancy dining side, more or less.  My wife ate at the bar side there last week when I was down with the epic February Cold: we went to eat at the fancy side tonight.  Pricy meal – can’t even remotely eat at the fancy side maybe more than once a season – but worth it.

Moe Lane

PS: …Does anybody actually care?  I know that most of my readers don’t live in Maryland, which makes my recommendations a trifle, well, moot.  I’m mostly writing this because it was a good enough meal that I don’t mind tossing them some free publicity in Google.

13 thoughts on “Actually had a very good meal tonight at the Highland Inn.”

  1. Man, my wife guilted me into fasting for Ash Wednesday. Your dinner sounds better.

  2. What is this “dress code” of which you speak?
    (I love my state. I have to dress up for weddings, funerals, and absolutely nothing else.)

  3. I think it is always good to do a shout out for a local spot. Who knows when someone will be coming by to … for instance.. the Woodbridge Inn in Jasper Georgia? Talk about your casual fine dining.

  4. Speaking as a Marylander, I certainly appreciate it. Howard County’s a bit of a hike for us now, but that menu looks very much like it would be worth it.

  5. I like hearing about restaurants in other places– never know when I might be in the area, driving by a place, and think “hm, I remember (person) writing about that”.

  6. Does anybody actually care? Well, it is kind of hard to care unless you describe your entries and what you found memorable about them. One of my favorite genres is restaurant movies.

      1. Boring? I like steaks but they are pretty easy to cook at home. It is much harder to get a good hamburger since the beef should be ground fresh and very gently handled. I can get an enjoyable hamburger at home but it takes a good restaurant to prepare a memorable one.

  7. So where in Howard County was this? Columbia? Ellicott City? Not all of us live too far away to take advantage, Moe.

  8. Another Marylander that appreciates the tip….our favorite eclectic casual fine dining spot in Anne Arundel county (Sputnik) closed a few years ago….this Highland Inn looks similar and interesting….bit of a hike for us but will soon be empty nesters so…..

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