3 thoughts on ““Yo, Ho, Ho (And a Bottle of Rum).””

  1. Why do I get the image of a men’s chorus dressed in tuxedos with pirate hats doing this version? Can’t shake it.

  2. When I was little, I had a Disney spoken word story LP based on “Treasure Island”, with a lot of dialogue taken from their movie of the same name. Side 1 opened with a totally kickass fanfare based on “Dead Man’s Chest”. It’s what I tend to hear when I think of the song…

  3. NOT the worst track on the album it’s from, if close. Yes, I own a copy. It’s the only place I’ve found (legal) copies of some songs from “Muppet Treasure Island”. You gotta love “Sailing for Adventure (on the Big Blue Wet Thing)”.

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