On the latest kabuki from Senate Democrats. #globalwarming

Three things to take away from this ‘talkathon’ on global warming planned for tonight by Senate Democrats:

  • Indeed, do not call it a ‘filibuster.’ Strictly speaking, the last one of those we had was from Rand Paul.  This will be more like Ted Cruz’s Obamacare session, except that there will be more individuals involved (largely because the Democrats do not have a single Senator that can match the rhetorical skills of Ted Cruz, let alone duplicate his stamina).
  • I betcha none of these people will take questions. Like the one about why all the climate models have been increasingly at odds with observed data for about the last, oh, twenty years or so*.
  • And this says it all, really: “Democrats have 28 senators scheduled to speak through Monday night, but some of the party’s most vulnerable senators facing re-election this year—Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Kay Hagan of North Carolina—are notably missing from the lineup.”

Ah, DC.  Can’t live with it, pass the beer nuts.

Via AoSHQ.

Moe Lane

PS: Hot Air, by the way, raises a good point: these people could introduce legislation any time that they like.

*There are, of course, people who can and will strenuously argue why a) their favorite climate model is not matching up with reality and b) why they shouldn’t immediately change their model.  However, I can reasonably assume that the set of people who can competently make such arguments and the set of people who are United States Senators do not, in fact, overlap.

10 thoughts on “On the latest kabuki from Senate Democrats. #globalwarming”

  1. So could this be seen as believers of a state religion preaching to us or would that be a too-snarky observation?

        1. Hey! That may be offensive to the ancient Druids. It isn’t clear to me that their concept of what they worshiped must be the same as the idols of the greens. The only thing I count as really certain is that they practiced human sacrifice, which is why the Romans didn’t co opt that religion.

    1. When dealing with Senate Democrats, there is no such thing as a too-snarky observation.

  2. No Cameron this is politicians trying to distract the electorate from the ongoing disasters of O’bamacare and O’bama’s foreign policy mistakes by trying to drum up support for what is in the end an obscure cult with rather shaky foundations.

  3. According to Mark Steyn, this collection of gasbags is calling themselves the “Senate Climate Action Task Force”. I think I’ll just abbreviate that as SCAT Force for my own amusement. (They happen to be full of scat, so it’s appropriate.)

    The irony of this particular “talkathon” is that it will actually increase hot air emissions by approximately 38% for its duration.

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