Today… is St. Patrick’s Day.

I understand that people inexplicably like this holiday, so fine. But I will not wear green, I have no intention of eating any sort of amusing ethnic food, and while I wouldn’t mind a beer my wife’s on a business trip this week so that ain’t happening. We’re just gonna go through the day and thank God it’s snowing out which may cut down on the faux-Irishmen wandering around, vomiting.

:air-quotes” “Faith.” And “begorrah.”

Moe Lane

PS: Pretty much purebred Boston Irish Catholic (well, my parents were from Boston), actually. Which is why I hate St. Patrick’s Day, frankly.


13 thoughts on “Today… is St. Patrick’s Day.”

  1. Come on, Moe! St. Patrick’s Day is one of the few Catholic holidays we have here in America. Think about it: We are celebrating a Catholic saint who converted pegans into christians! AND YOU GET TO DRINK GREEN BEER!
    Enjoy it while both christianity and beer are both still legal.

    1. “Enjoy it while both christianity and beer are both still legal.”

      I wish you were joking

  2. A) I would’ve used “Fauixrish”
    B) you should add the extra gloss of proper spelling and correct folks — his name was Padraig, so I’m not sure who “St. Patty” even refers to, but it’s not the patron saint of Ireland

    1. (golf clap) Well played, sir.
      Yep, most Americans are idiots about other countries’ history.

  3. Your stuck at home with another school closing for F#$#@ingsnow, you deserve a beer.

  4. Never drank green beer and never will. It’s a terrible thing to do to a good beer. As for food I prefer a Limerick Ham on St. Patrick’s, so much better than corned beef. Also there’s usually enough left for sandwiches on the day after.

  5. I’ve heard it said that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the two big Amateur Drinking Night holidays; the other being of course New Years Eve.

    1. I’ve always called it drinking with amateurs day. Cinco de Mayo is another one. I spend most of my day running from show to show for dance outs. But, it is actually fun and then at the end of the night, a nice glass of Redbreast is very soothing.

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