Yeah, less posts.

I was off getting myself killed in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.  Dumbass Lane was guarding the wrong place.

9 thoughts on “Yeah, less posts.”

  1. Were you out-flanked, or were you forced to defend a location that you couldn’t limit the number of enemies you faced at a time?

    I’m not familiar with the game, I had to google it to find out it was a turn-based RPG.

      1. Well at least you figured it out, was the room you were supposed to defend clearly marked or were you just playing a guessing game?

    1. I could top that acat, try counting the number of times one had to sit through Barney (yeah the stuffed Purple Dinosaur), because your younger sister loved watching that demented dinosaur when she was little.

    2. Crimenently that woman needs a backbone transplant.
      Next week is Spring Break. There’s no way the munchkins are going to just sit and watch movies all week. And especially not the same movie over and over. If they don’t tell me I’m mean at least three times a day, I’m not doing my job.

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