“And I brought up the Vice President of the United States…CHUCK.”

That’s Reince Priebus’s punchline to the exchange that started here:


Details here: basically, Chuck Todd opened with a bid of a (female, if it matters) TX GOP executive director saying that men made for better negotiators.  Reince raised by pointing out that Joe Biden once claimed that the goal of the GOP was to re-enslave black people, Chuck tried to suggest that that Reince has to answer for stuff said by people in positions of authority, Reince ripostes with Vice President of the United States, Chuck changes the subject.

Victory: Reince Priebus.



Moe Lane

PS: To paraphrase Ron Swanson, wait.  I worry that what you just heard was, Reince Priebus is just letting Chuck Todd define the debate and throw that woman under the bus! …No.  Reince is not actually there to answer for any particular Republican or conservative or convenient hate object for the Left, the media to the contrary.  No, Reince is there to provide the rest of us with tools; and in this particular case, the tool is How to shut up Chuck Todd about that comment*. Which he did, handily; and that means that we won’t be hearing too much about this story, because it’s going to be real easy to point out that if we’re going to score people on the stuff that they say it’s hard to ‘beat’ a sitting Vice President claiming that the GOP wants to bring back slavery.  The goal here is to talk about the things that you want to talk about, and not let the other guy talk about the things that he wants to talk about**.

Again. Victory: Reince Priebus.

*I should note, by the way, that Chuck Todd is hardly the worst media guy out there.  I have actually seen him hit my political opponents, and in a way that has warmed the cockles of my heart.

**Now if you want to argue the original point, fine: but arguing that point doesn’t move the Senate needle our way, and it’s Reince’s job to move the Senate needle our way. No, really, that’s his job.

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  1. Finally, someone in the GOP leadership is actually standing up to the clowns in the MSM.

    Btw, I ran across a news article you may find of interest and e-mailed you the link to it. It’s possible you may have a real field day with it (we may have another scandal now that involves the ATF).

      1. Essentially the situation was the ATF tried to use a search warrant to obtain a list of all the customers of this gun parts manufacturer/dealer.

        Ultimately a judge stepped in and granted a restraining order so this could be looked into, and in defiance of the restraining order, the ATF conducted their raid.

        1. It’s more complicated than that.
          It’s about 80% lower receivers (that is, a partially milled metal blank) for AR-15s, which legally aren’t firearms, but the ATF has abruptly decided that polymer 80% lower receivers may qualify as firearms due to some claims about how they’re cast. (Or rather, because they have the “drill this out” parts cast in a different color of polymer so finishing the receiver takes no knowledge or skill. And because they’ve been getting heat from Democrats about “ghost guns”.)
          The claim is that the company finishes the receiver, and then fills in the “remove” parts with a different colored polymer. (Which would make these blanks firearms, subject to all federal regulations, as well as those the BATF pulls out of its posterior on a regular basis.) There is no basis for this claim, other than people are idiots, the BATF is corrupt, and they figure they might be able to get away with it.
          Also, the ATF went to the judge and persuaded him to amend the restraining order with a hole big enough to drive a supertanker through before they launched the raid. It does not appear that the company was informed of the change, or allowed to contest it.

          1. Which is grounds for appeal, but .. now that the client list is out there, it’s out there…
            (reaches into Carnac’s hat) “Lots of canoeing accidents”.

          2. The judge didn’t countermand the search warrant. It hadn’t been filed yet, or it would have already been executed. The restraining order was filed because the company knew that a search warrant was imminent. The ATF got the judge to amend the order to allow lawful investigations, and as best I can tell, then went to a different judge to get a search warrant for their investigation.
            Of course their affidavit of probable cause seems more than a bit weak…
            But at this point, they have the records. And there’s jack-all anyone can do about it.

  2. a sitting Vice President claiming that the GOP wants to bring back slavery</I.

    A sitting Vice President from the party that defended slavery. That there is some rich, earthy irony. And a complete lack of self-awareness, of course, but then it IS Joe Biden.

  3. It’s a good start, Reince. However, Chuck’s heart is still in his ribcage instead of pulsing out its last moments in your hands.

    1. It’s early enough, Renice doesn’t have to start eating organs raw until Labor Day.
      (wonder if he’s got Newt Gingrich’s cookbook?)

      1. I remember a line from the movie: [u]Ice Age[/u].
        Manny tells Diago to spit out the sloth (can’t remember his name), because Diago didn’t know where there sloth had been.

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